Friday, November 9, 2012

Choo Choo Family “Fun”

Saturday we took our fresh haircuts on the train to a free family fun day.


The train ride there was okay. Sean got a little fussy and the kids quickly ate through the snacks I’d brought along.


We wandered around until we found the line for face painting. Caitlin had talked about face painting the whole way there. It was all she wanted to do. The line was LONG. In the end they closed the line and painted numbers on the hands of those in line to draw an end to things. I’d been afraid that the whole thing would end and we would still be in line, so Sean and I held Caitlin’s place in line while she and Daddy went to look around.


Caitlin came back happy with lots of free goodies!


The Irishman called me while I was at the food truck spending the last of our cash on my lunch. He suggested we ditch the line and get on the train. I was too far away and afraid of a screaming, disappointed almost-three-year-old.


I’d suggested that we walk to a nearby store. The Irishman had asked someone working for the trains when the next train would arrive and they told us 10 minutes.


They were wrong.


We waited for over 2 hours. Sean took a nap in his stroller. Caitlin had her first porta-potty experience. The people next to us had a iPad to entertain their kids. We weren’t so lucky. There is NOTHING to do at this train station. The Irishman and I had dinner plans and we were worried we would never get home!


I think it may be a while before we brave the train again!

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