Friday, August 17, 2012

Swim Lessons

Caitlin has been taking swim lessons from our friend Lyndsay for the last month or two. We only recently got to watch a lesson. Lyndsay is a good friend, so we usually babysit her twins while she takes Caitlin to the pool. We hadn’t been to the pool to swim with the kids since the first or second week of her lessons so we got to see all her new swim skills.

Pretty impressive!


Even though she is doing well with her lessons, she prefers to wear her Puddle Jumpers. On Sunday we’d talked about going to the pool after Mass. Caitlin stopped and insisted I open the trunk so she could “see something.” It didn’t take long to realize she was checking to be sure that her floaties were there.

We decided to let Sean get his own Puddle Jumpers. As it turns out they only had pink ones at the store so Sean got the blue hand-me-downs instead. They are still a little big, but he had fun!


The first time she jumped into the pool Auntie June and I were worried that she meant for us to catch her. We could tell really quickly that she meant to go under the water and bounce back up.


She slowed us her toes and put her face in the water.


We miss Auntie June! We had a great time swimming with her when she was visiting!


Of course they think the snacks are the best part of any such fun!

If only summer didn’t have to come to an end yet…

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