Monday, August 13, 2012

Safety Scissors and Glue

Last week I almost picked up scissors and glue for Caitlin during the back to school sales. I decided against it because I didn’t think she was quite there yet. I was wrong!

We had done some finger painting the day before to make a graduation card for my cousin. I pulled out some decorative edge scissors and glue to make the artwork into a card and Caitlin was thrilled!

“My safety scissors and glue!”


(Please ignore the dried paint on the kids’ table. I learned last December that it will wipe up with a baby wipe even once dry!)


They must have used “safety scissors and glue” at school because it is not a phrase I’ve used before. She seemed to know what to do!


Of course Sean wanted to play, too!



She’s made several of these artworks, but she manages to pull the paper off after it is dry before I can get one to mail to a family member. Aunt Julie has put in a special request.


It looks like we have an artist in the making!

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Michelle said...

Caitlin is getting so big and grown up! I wouldn't have thought it was time for safety scissors either. I'll have to see how Ava does.