Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dress Up

Tonight when I got home from work Caitlin was running around wearing just her panties. By the time we finished dinner she had added a tiger headband and tail into the mix. She was running around the house “tricking” us into thinking she was a tiger.

All of a sudden she has an interest in dress up. One of her favorites is the tutu I won when she was an infant. Thank goodness for elastic!
I found some headband/tail combos in the clearance section at Michaels. They make noises. We have an elephant, a monkey, a blue dinosaur, a green dinosaur, a tiger, and a cheetah. They were only $3 each and I had visions of possible Halloween costumes. As it turns out they are dress up gold.
Caitlin love Super Why these days. She stumbled upon it on the PBS app on the iPad and has been hooked. She found her old Halloween costume and was thrilled. “Mom! A Super Why costume!”
“Calling all Super Readers! To the Book Club!”
The one costume I wanted a picture of her in was the one she wouldn’t post in. This is the nurse costume Nana sent from Ireland.
This next photo made me wonder if she was just dressing up to hide the hair cut.
She is growing up so fast!
(I checked the cameras today. The only place we’ve taken any photos is on the phones. The quality may not be the best, but the convenience sure makes up for it!)


Michelle said...

Love the dress up pictures!

Agate Lake Girl said...

I know what you mean about cell phone pics. It's about all I take these days. My nice camera is collecting dust. :)