Monday, August 6, 2012

Birthday Cake, Take 2

I wasn’t sure how Caitlin would react to Sean’s birthday. She is just starting to “get” the whole birthday thing and I figured there would be some jealousy over the attention her brother was getting. I decided to recruit her as a helper and she jumped at the chance.

“We going to get a RED cake and RED balloons and RED presents.”

Um, no.

We were at Publix last week and they were out of sprinkle cookies in the bakery. This led to our biggest public meltdown to date. She was bawling and screaming, “SPRINKLE COOKIE!” as I darted around as fast as I could to get our groceries. As I got to the cake mix all crying immediately stopped.

“I going make Seanie a birthday cake.”

It was all over. Just like that.

I managed to talk her into sprinkle cake instead of red cake. I had some Mickey Mouse cupcake liners I’d bought on clearance. I used a mini loaf pan to make Sean a smash cake of his own.

For the next two days all Caitlin could talk about was making Sean’s cake. After opening presents it was time to bake.


She was thrilled! For dinner that night we had Sean’s favorite: meatballs. He really enjoyed himself! As an added bonus we moved him from the high chair to the booster seat.


After a quick clean up it was time for cake!




After all the fuss over making a cake, she only ate a bite of hers. Oh, and NO icing. Just sprinkles.


Sean on the other hand was all about the cake and icing!


Grammy called and we were able to set up a video chat so that she could join in the fun.


Kisses from Caitlin


Sean had a blast!


We loved watching our happy little birthday boy!

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Michelle said...

Oh the fit throwing in public... We had our biggest most embarassing fit in pulic two weeks before I had Riley. Huge pregnant mommy, tantrum throwing toddler pulling down mommy's shirt to show the was quite a scene! Even better, we were at Rob's work and his boss saw it all. Beyond embarassing! Great idea in getting Caitlin to help with the cake and party, it looks like it worked! Love the birthday boy, precious smile, and cake picures!