Friday, August 3, 2012

Birthday Morning

Caitlin was up first on Sean’s birthday. She and I snuck downstairs and I showed her the surprises waiting for her brother. She and Daddy and gone to the dollar store to buy balloons after dinner the night before so we got those ready. She was our birthday helper.


We’d set up the ball pit in the middle of the living room for the day. Sean wasn’t sure what to think about it all! It wasn’t long though before he was diving in and out of the balls.


Caitlin discovered quickly that there was such thing as too much bouncing. She took a tumble and needed a ‘boo boo buddy.’ Thankfully it wasn’t anything too serious and we all learned our lesson. ; )



After a while we decided to open presents. Caitlin helped Sean with the farm from Grammy.


He loves it!



We weren’t sure what to get Sean. We’d talked about getting him new riding toys or one of those play cubes with beads. When the Irishman went over to pick up some toys our friends’ twins outgrew we found that they had handed down the exact toys we had been talking about getting for Sean. In the end we decided it was foolish to buy them. Sean doesn’t seem to mind!


The riding toys are faded from the sun, but we were going to put them outside anyway.


He is just the right age for all the toys. Everything is getting played with.


Even better is that Caitlin wants to play with them too so they are *almost* playing together.


Though of course nothing says, “Happy Birthday Sean”


more than balloons!

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