Thursday, August 30, 2012

Caitlin’s Camera

Yesterday Sean went for his 1 year check up. We weren’t sure if he would be deemed well enough to make it a well visit or if it would be a sick visit, but he passed. The shot record at the day care had to be updated by the end of the month so we were hoping he’d improved enough.
While he is much better than he was this weekend, he is still snotty. And teething. And has a post-shots fever. While I was dropping off his updated shot record to the day care, Caitlin walked into the nurse office.  It turns out that she has a 100 degree fever. Yuck!
Anyway, Sean fell asleep on the couch and Caitlin ran to get her camera.
That's my girl! I realized I hadn’t taken the photos off Caitlin’s little camera in a while.
She is very good at setting up the pictures. Sit here is commonly heard,
She had some help with a couple of these, but not too much.


Love it!


parul gupta said...

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Michelle said...

Those are great pictures! Good job, Caitlin! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!!!