Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Zoo–Part 1

The Irishman was recently named employee of the month at his place of employment. As part of his prize, he was given an extra day off. We’d been talking about taking a trip down to the Miami Zoo, so the day off was put to good use before Nana and Granda headed back to Ireland.

It was a LONG day, but we had fun! We left the house at about 11am and didn’t get home until 8pm. Let’s just say everyone slept well that night! We’d packed a picnic lunch that we enjoyed before we headed into the zoo. A passerby offered to take our photo on the way in. Notice we are all still fresh and ready for fun at this point!

photo 16

I have a thing for flamingos. I love that they are the first thing you see when you come in. Caitlin was all excited and wouldn't stand still for a photo!

photo 17

Our little girl’s new favorite animal is the elephant. She learned on this trip how to say ‘elephant’ and she has been pointing them out to us ever since. You’d be surprised how often a toddler sees a picture of an elephant!



Mid afternoon there was a slight tantrum, but Granda came to the rescue with ice cream for Caitlin. Dipping Dots will fix anything…even a cranky toddler!


Sean agreed to take a picture with the lions. He had lions on his outfit, so it seemed only fitting!


Thankfully we came across the splash pad at just the right time. Sean needed to nurse and we all needed a break. I’d packed a suit and swim diaper for Caitlin, so we turned on the water and let her go!


She had a blast! After our break we were all refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the zoo!


(Part 2 to follow…probably Friday. Tomorrow is a big day for a certain little girl!)

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