Tuesday, November 8, 2011

3 Months

I’m playing catch up, but a certain little girl has a birthday this week so I thought I better post her brother’s three month photos before then! The trip from the zoo two weeks ago will have to wait…


Sean is SUCH a good baby! He is very easy going. He nurses like a champ, and thankfully he will now go two hours between feedings! (That eating every hour and a half thing was wearing me out!)  He may eat a lot, but he has been sleeping through the night for the last three weeks or so, so I have NO complaints!

(The miracle blanket is wonderful by the way! Best. Swaddle. Ever.)


I have a confession. We have been REALLY bad about tummy time.  We are getting into a bath time routine though and that should help. We fill the tub and put Sean in first in his little bath chair and then switch off. I bath Caitlin and Daddy coaches Sean in his tummy time. Listening to them makes me smile. “You can do it, Sean!” Good boy! That’s it! Turn to the other side! Way to go!” The Irishman is a great father!


Sean is a very happy baby. He is very alert and makes all sorts of lovely baby noises! His coo-ing, and laughing, and giggling will warm your heart. He left a voicemail message for his Grammy last week to show off his “talking” skills. Sean very rarely cries – usually just our way home when he is hungry and tired of the car seat. The boy recently found his thumb though and he finds it far superior to any pacifier we could offer him.


As far as Caitlin and Sean, she doesn’t seem to remember life before the baby. She still gets a little jealous from time to time, but it has gotten much better! I love to listen to her talk to him in the car when he gets upset. Big sister is also very generous with her kisses for Sean.

Caitlin also has a newfound love for her baby dolls. They are all named, “baby” right now, but she feeds them, burps them, puts them in Sean’s swing, and covers them with blankets. “Shhh! They’re sleeping!”  It is funny to watch her mimic how we care for Sean. It has been going really well, but we’ll see how she does once Sean moves into her old crib. I suspect that might not go over so well, but they are going to be sharing a room shortly, so she’ll have to get used to it!

For comparison sake, here is a photo of Caitlin at the same age. The outfits are almost the same – just different holidays. I’m a sucker for a cute design on the baby’s bum! I think they really do look alike.


Our little man is growing so fast! He is comfortably in 6 month clothes. (I’ve even put in in a few 6-9 month outfits already!) He is a little angel!


We are so very blessed!

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