Monday, November 21, 2011

Caitlin’s Birthday Morning: The Presents

Okay so her birthday was a while ago now, but I still have pictures and video to share. We were back at the pediatrician's office again yesterday. Even though Caitlin has been acting fine and seems to feel fine, I thought she was wheezing at little at Mass on Sunday. The doctor confirmed that yes, she was wheezing just a little bit and he gave her some medicine for that. He warned that it might make her hyper.

Oh. My
Last night she was bouncing off the walls. We (foolishly) decided to do fingerpainting and she was staring at her hand going, “Wow!” I’ve never seen anything quite like it. She could breathe better, but it was too much! We lowered the dose (like the doctor suggested) and she has been much better today.

That being said, a sick toddler does not make for blogging time! Thankfully the Irishman is off for the rest of the week so we should have some nice family time coming up. I’m looking forward to it!
So, here are pictures of Caitlin opening presents on the morning of her birthday. She had a second round of present opening a few nights later when a number of the out-of-town packages arrived in the mail. I *think* the Irishman got video of that…for some reason I didn’t take out the camera.

Grammy got Caitlin a musical card and a very soft doll. (And the car bed, but that was already in use!)


I found the baby swing on clearance a few weeks ago. It fits the doll perfectly!


Aunt Julie sent an adorable jumper and the Aquadoodle. Caitlin was so excited she tore open the box herself!


Of course Cookie Monster was a big hit!


Nana got Caitlin the barnyard version of her favorite cat book. She loves it! Nana also bought us tickets to see a play last weekend…more about that soon!


The felt dolls were a hand-me-down from a co-worker. Her daughter is now in college and she thought Caitlin could use them. I took one of our old cookie sheets and spray painted it before gluing a sheet of felt on the inside. She now has a felt/magnet board to play with.


She loves all her goodies!


Thank you to everyone who sent out little birthday princess goodies! She is working on her thank you art!


In other news, Caitlin has been dodo –free since Thursday of last week. It started almost as an accident when we couldn’t find one and I went with it. She found one hidden in her play kitchen this morning, but I managed to hide it away after breakfast without incident. I am SO happy to have the pacifier out of her mouth!

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