Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

In the last week we have taken well over 500 photos. Interestingly enough, I did not take most of them. We had a Groupon for a department store portrait studio, so Tuesday afternoon we used that up before it expired. The Irishman and I were thrilled with the pictures, but then…

Wednesday we were fortunate enough to have the wonderful Ruth take family pictures for us at the beach. (Sadly our computer is not the healthiest these days so I am having a hard time adding links without the computer freezing up. It doesn’t like visiting blogs…including my own. Thank goodness it doesn’t hold a grudge against Google Reader or I would never get to keep up with my favorite blogs! Point is, I am going to *try* to link to Ruth’s blog here, but I’m not sure it will let me!)

Back to the pictures…

Let’s just say that I saw more than one stranger on the beach with a cell phone camera out taking pictures of us.

Ruth sent on the photos this morning. The Irishman had just gotten home from a quick trip to the store for a newspaper. He was more excited about the pictures than he was the ads. This from the man who starts his Black Friday Ad research months in advance and has an app on his phone that allows him to search the sales. The pictures are THAT good.

We have so many wonderful pictures to chose from – it is almost overwhelming! We hope to pick out the Christmas card photo tomorrow before we decide which ones to share. Ruth has posted a few pictures she took of Caitlin on her blog, so you can check them out there.


Today was a WONDERFUL day. It actually ranks up there in best Thanksgiving Days ever.
Last night I was on Pinterest and I followed a link on menu planning to a blog where I found a recipe for kolaches. Now, going for kolaches is one of our favorite things to do on Thanksgiving morning in Houston, so this was exciting. I discovered that Walmart sells the dough used in the recipe, so I talked the Irishman into going there to buy the paper in the morning.


The Irishman declared them good, but decided the dough to be not quite sweet enough. Regardless, they were a nice treat this morning and something we will make again.

We were eating kolaches. Caitlin had a new pack of dollar-store play dough that she transformed into food for her play kitchen. For over an hour we marveled at how she entertained herself. The parade was on in the background and she would stop when one of her favorite friends came on the screen.

As I started preparing a few dishes to take with us to my grandparents, Caitlin came over to help. I was worried about time and not crazy about the pint-sized assistance. As it turned out, she did a great job snapping the green beans. We worked well together on the task, and after a bit she said, "Thank you Sweetie." Then she kissed my hand.

Be still my heart. It was all worth it!

We finished up with the green beans just in time to see Santa in the parade. Caitlin hasn’t been too impressed with the man in red so far this year, so the Irishman REALLY made a fuss over his arrival on TV.

Caitlin has started talking SO much more these days! She was shouting, “GGB!” as we turned the corner to my grandparents’ house. (Okay so it sounds more like BBD, but that’s okay. It is the thought that counts!) We had a lovely meal!

I had pictures of Caitlin’s first Thanksgiving at GGB’s house wearing this same bib.


She was a lot smaller though when she wore it! Much like Caitlin’s first Thanksgiving, Sean slept through the meal!


My grandmother was holding Sean after dinner and Caitlin decided we should take a picture.

Here they are giving Sean some sugar.



Caitlin blew kisses to Daddy behind the camera, too.




She wanted her picture taken again. And again. And again. She’s too funny!


Both kids fell asleep on the car ride home. It isn’t that far, but they were worn out from such a great day! Once they were both in bed Morgan and I made our final plan for Black Friday shopping. (He is out now picking up a few Christmas gifts for the kids.) I think I have the 5am shift. Oddly enough it is Home Depot I am most looking forward to in the morning. It makes me feel so “grown up” to WANT to go to Home Depot. As a kid that trip was considered a form of punishment! Oh, how things change!

It has been a lovely day. I really am so very thankful for the blessings in our lives!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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