Thursday, November 3, 2011

Driving into Dreamland

I noticed a few weeks ago that Caitlin was trying to climb out of her crib. With the sleep sack on we were okay, but our days were numbered. I spent a couple of weeks looking for a toddler bed. Caitlin’s crib converts, but we’d decided that we would use the crib for Sean and get a toddler bed for Caitlin.

We were thinking that with them sharing a room it would take up less room that way.
My favorite consignment shop posted a photo of a bed on their Facebook page that caught my eye. The price was right, but I knew from the comments that there was another person interested in the item. I got there the next day when they opened. I examined it and almost waivered, but I ended up buying it then and there.


The Irishman was THRILLED. I paid $62 for the second-hand bed. It is in great shape, but there are a few scuffs if you look closely. My husband can’t find anything wrong with the bed. He LOVES it.
All of these photos are from his iPhone. I’m pretty sure he would sleep in the toddler-sized race car bed if I’d let him.


Caitlin is enjoying it, though truthfully I bought it for Sean. I figured that it will be his in time and he is using purple bath towels now. With that in mind, Caitlin can sleep in a blue race car for a while!


According to my toddler the front of the car is really a slide. I wouldn’t mind so much, but she makes us slide with her!


As for sleeping in the bed, it has gone okay. The first day she napped and slept through the night without getting up at all. Day two…I popped in to check on her during nap time and found that the had silently slipped out of bed and was playing with the wheel of the car. She was up at 4am Wednesday morning, but she went back to bed until 7 after I told her it was still night time. Wednesday she only napped for about 30 minutes before making getting out of bed a game. We’ll see what the morning brings!


This is how the Irishman found her when he went to wake her up on Monday morning. It looks like a rough night, huh?


She’ll be two in a week. I cannot believe how much she has grown! Thankfully the transition to a “big girl” bed hasn’t been has bad as I feared. Now I’m just hoping that getting rid of the Dodo and potty training will work out as smoothly…


This post was brought to you by:
The bed is Caitlin’s birthday gift from Grammy. We could have picked out something new, but it wouldn’t have had wheels. ; )  Granda bought the wood board for the mattress to sit on. (Creating my soon-to-be secret baby clothes storage compartment!) The mattress is a birthday gift from GGB - though not having a mattress in the bed did not seem to bother them much! Daddy took Caitlin to Target over the weekend to pick out the new Minnie Mouse blanket.


Leslie said...

You are braver than I!! I am still confining my 2 1/2 year olds in their cribs. There is NO way they would stay put in a big girl bed.

Krystyn said...

Oh, the bed transition. So fun. Looks like she's doing well, though.

And, smart to get the car, because your little man will use it soon enough and she can use the crib converted to a big big!