Wednesday, December 15, 2010

C is for Cookie

The Irishman found a CD this weekend of 'Old School Sesame Street.'
We have been singing a lot of 'C is for Cookie' at our house.*

Ruth snapped these cookie photos at the Breakfast with Santa last weekend.

Caitlin was FAR more interested in the candy than the cookies!
(These are my photos...still learning to use the new camera)

That's okay though because

C is for


* Disclaimer: If you watch the video you WILL be singing this song all day...and if your daughter's name is Caitlin you will be changing it to 'C is for Caitlin' in no time at all. That is good enough for me!

It is just after 6am and I am about to pack up cookies and cards to give to some of our favorite coworkers. Because C is for Cookie...

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Michelle said...

It looks like a wonderfully fun and yummy event! :)