Monday, December 13, 2010

More Breakfast with Santa

Okay, so I shared the GOOD photo with Santa on Saturday. Full disclosure? The rest of her time on Santa's lap looked something like this:

Thankfully she didn't hold a grudge. Santa must not have either. On his way back to the North Pole he stopped to check in with Caitlin.

They had a nice little chat and Santa suggested we take an extra photo or two. Guess he wanted to get past the little screaming incident...

This breakfast has become one of our favorite holiday events! (Click Here to See Last Year's Pictures)

Morgan had RSVP'd this year before they'd event sent out the official invitations at work. It should be no surprise that Caitlin was the first on the list for Santa! They provide fantastic free 8x10s of the pictures, but a certain Irishman has been known to wait for the crowd to die down before asking the nice people in the IT department to email a copy to him.

Because no breakfast with Santa would be complete without an official family photo with the man in red!


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chubskulit said...

Lovely photos with Santa.

My rock star and Me

inday_adin said...

Those are some lovely photos with Santa. :) How lovely!

Adin B

Janet Rose said...

He must have been a great Santa to come back and make friends like he did. How sweet! Stopping by from Mommy & Me Monday.

Krystyn said...

I have a spot in my heart for the squirm/crying pictures with Santa.

The family one is great.

Michelle said...

Beautiful family photo!!!