Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jack's Party

I just realized that I posted about the sandbox, but nothing else from Jack's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. I guess it is better late than never, huh? Jodi and David put on a fantastic party for their little guy!

Here is a picture of the birthday boy with his parents. It is hard to believe he is two already!

Of course I took lots of pictures of Caitlin...

I love this shot of Jake with Laura and little Johnny.
(This time Johnny let me take his picture!)

And while it isn't a sand table,

Caitlin decided the train table isn't too bad either.


The Irishman and I are trying to sort out two issues right now...

Halloween and Birthday

My school Halloween carnival is the 29th, so we have a place to take Caitlin, but we have NO costume. After looking this year I have decided there is a market for Halloween costumes for people who live in warm climates. I love all the fuzzy baby costumes, don't get me wrong. I just prefer not to have my adorable little pumpkin get heat stroke. The Irishman would love to do a family costume, but that only adds to the difficulty. Suggestions for a warm weather costume on a budget?

Then there is Caitlin's upcoming birthday. To party or not to party...
The Irishman and I really don't want a big party. The usual response would be to just to do something small with the family. The problem is so many of our family members are so far away. My dad and sister will be in town two weeks before her birthday, and my mom will be in town two week after her birthday. Do we celebrate early? Late? Do we do something that weekend with just my grandparents and cousins? Do we do something with our friends? Where? At home? A park? All of the above? None of the above?

Decisions, decisions...


Jessi said...

Birthday planning is tough when the people you want are all over the place! You could one with local family and friends on her birthday at a park or on the beach (lucky!) and do a smaller gathering when your family arrives.

Justin and I love Halloween! We dressed Jules up as a chef last year. I made his hat and he just wore a white outfit. Super cheap and easy. This year, my in-laws got him a pair of leiderhosen from Germany. So I guess he's gonna be German!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Karen was just complaining about those fuzzy bundle Halloween costumes too. Definitely not made for Florida babies!

We believe in celebrating birthdays multiple times in my family so I say small parties with family early and late and maybe another small party with friends (hint, hint) at a park or something. :)

Kellie said...

We find ourselves in a similar birthday situation every year. It's really annoying to have two or three "birthday celebrations" for the kids, but it seems that we are never able to get everyone together at the same time and they always want to have their own celebration with our kids. Usually we do a cake at one and cupcakes at another, that way it's a little smaller.

Anonymous said...

Wrap her in toilet paper and call her a mummy?!? Easy to make costumes for the whole family, cheap, and green!


sheri said...

Be the Flintstones! That's a family theme and not too heavy on the garb. As for the party - both years, we've done one "real" party and then just celebrated with family as they're in town. We've done a special meal or a special outing rather than a full-blown party. Our family is just about as spread out as yours! Good luck with both!