Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well I "borrowed" the Irishman's phone this morning to email myself pictures to post. I must not be smart enough to use his phone though because I have no pictures in my inbox to share with you! Oops!

The quote at the bottom is my e-mail signature. It does show up when I post from my phone, but it does from the iPad. Speaking of the iPad, does anyone have any good suggestions for apps to use in the classroom? Or anything for me that I can justify for school use? ; )

Our computer has a play date with an IT friend who we worked at summer camp with years ago. He read my very detailed explanation of how it got to this point and he seems to think it will be an easy fix. Fingers crossed for this one...

Caitlin and I have colds. Not enough to stay home with, just enough to feel icky. Not quite the mother-daughter bonding I had in mind!

It is going to be a messy week at work. Today is the annual pumpkin project. Wednesday and Thursday we are making paper mâché globes. It is a good thing I am taking a couple days off...I may need it after all that!

This weekend is GBoo's 80th birthday and there is family flying in from around the country. It should be a lot of fun. My awesome husband has arranged from something special for the weekend that I can't mention yet, but it is going to be a hoot.

Well, this has been more than random and picture less. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with good news on the computer front...

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