Saturday, October 30, 2010

11 months and a Report Card

I just realized yesterday that I'd never posted Caitlin's 11 month pictures. We'd had computer issues soon after they were taken and I've been playing catch up in picture posting. I do not have the patience tonight to make the collages with the earlier months...I'll save that for the big day. It is only a couple of weeks away!

This week was parent conferences at Caitlin's school. Her 'report card' made me laugh, so I thought I would share...

To Learn About Self and Others:
She enjoys playing with other children with toys. She gets too excited when other children laugh.

To Learn About Moving:

Caitlin is happy walking across the classroom, starting and stopping, increasing coordination in her gross motor skills.

To Learn About the World:

She puts pieces in a soft puzzle. She enjoys doing the activity.

To Learn About Communicating:
She babbles combining sounds such as "Ba, da, da, da", developing expressive language.

Favorite Activities and Special Interests:

She likes to play with toys, but loves to look at books.

Situations or Experiences That Cause Distress:

When she is not given food fast.


I laughed at the first and last ones. That's my girl!

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