Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kicking Back

Some friends dropped off these PJs when I was in the hospital right after Caitlin was born.

"Dad Taught Me LFC"*

The Irishman fell in love with the pink PJs right away. He has been patiently waiting for Caitlin to grow into them...and now she has.

We put them on her and she was just kicking back and enjoying some time with her friends!

Though that may be more of a cheerleader kick than a soccer player kick!

*LFC = Liverpool Football Club


Krystyn said...

So cute.

Michelle said...

Look at all of her friends! And I thought Ava had a lot of stuffed animals! :) These pictures are adorable as always. Caitlin is starting to look so grown up!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Rylee's hoping Cailtin decides to go the dance route insead of the soccer route. But nice kick either way!