Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WW: Fall in Florida

After our trip to the pumpkins on Saturday, we decided to spend 10-10-10 enjoying fall like any good Floridians would...

It was early evening and the shadows were long.

Around here you have to keep reminding yourself that is IS October, so we brought along our pumpkin.

Pumpkins are nice, but nothing beats a few buckets and shovels!

Of course the toys are always nicer on the other side of the beach. Caitlin took off to see for herself...

(The video shows about 17 seconds of crawling on the beach. Interesting only for the family we have spread out around the globe!)

And of course you can't take a trip to the beach without taking a dip in the water.

Fall in Florida...I guess it isn't so bad after all!
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parentingBYdummies said...

I loved my fall weekend in Florida although I have to admit I was actually a little bit hot during the day! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos of your pumpkin on the beach! So, how close do you live to Miami?

Lolli said...

Just about anytime is pretty awesome in Florida! I love your beach pics!

Run DMT said...

Hey neighbor! I'm visiting here from Parenting By Dummies. I'll take our Fall Florida weather any day. Although it has been crazy HOT here (in the 90s) and no rain for weeks. When it does cool down, it will be gorgeous around here.

About the beach, I told my DH that I wanted to spend Black Friday at the beach rather than shopping. I would really like to enjoy the serenity of the sea instead being packed like sardines in a mall.