Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Sports

Yesterday was a big day for sports in our house. The Irishman woke up early (an hour pre-Caitlin early) and went off to early Mass so that he could meet some friends at a pub showing the Liverpool game to the breakfast crowd. Once home, he put the All-Ireland Final on the computer.

Soon after the game we got a call from our friends inviting us over to see the Texans and Redskins game. After Caitlin's afternoon nap we headed that way. She doesn't have any Texans gear, so we decided for her fourth outfit change of the day she could support the All-Ireland Champion Cork Rebels.

We joked that we always take pictures of Caitlin and the Irishman in their matching sporting gear in this same spot. Regardless, I think this is one of my new favorite pictures!

I don't admit it often, but I think they really look alike in this next one!

Even though she was a Mommy's girl all day, she was much happier to take pictures with Daddy last night! Figures!

It was a lovely evening. They served all sorts of goodies including the best homemade pretzels I've ever had. (A recipe going to the top of my must-try list!) Caitlin enjoyed playing with Johnny's toys and even found a puppet or two to play with.

The two of them eyed each other with suspicion most of the time. He is almost exactly a year older than her, so neither of them was much for being social! Johnny would not wear his Redskin's jersey and did not feel like posing for a picture, so it is all Caitlin photos today. He isn't used to having the paparazzi in his house, so we won't hold it against him!

The game went into overtime and even baskets of toys was not enough to distract the little ones. We had to slip away during extra time, but we had a lot of fun!


Krystyn said...

What a fun day! They sure do look cute in their matching red.

Anonymous said...

hello and merry xmas to every one - hope yous had a good xmas - just back from tenerefe weather crap , all the best for the comming year -