Saturday, June 19, 2010

PJ Day and A Summer Bucket List

Thursday night we made our first after hours call to the pediatrician's office. Caitlin hadn't had much of an appetite, but we coaxed her into eating. In hindsight that wasn't a good move.

An hour later she had broken out in a rash. There were red bumps all over her head and chest. She had no fever, but as I finished nursing her she lost her dinner...yuck! It may be a while before I have peach yogurt again.

Ironically I had been listening to a book on tape in which the main character's child had a stomach bug and thought to myself, "It is all ahead of me." I just hadn't expected it so soon...

We never figured out what it was that caused her to get sick. It was her 6th yogurt. She had 3 pear and it was the 3rd peach. (They come in a six pack with three of each flavor...I cannot claim to be that organized otherwise!) She had bananas and green beans at day care. Nothing new.

Anyway...the rash cleared up within an hour or so and she wasn't sick again. I stayed home with her yesterday anyway to comply with the 24 hours -vomit-free-before-returning-to-daycare-rule.

Caitlin and I had a Pajama Day.

Does it still count as a PJ Day if you have to change the PJs three times due to spit up?

And how can it be that I had to change more than she did....hmmmm.....


Caitlin's newest trick is sticking out her tongue.
She does it a lot.
It makes me laugh.
I love that girl!

I took advantage of four hours of nap time yesterday to begin working on my summer "bucket" list. I made the list last week after reading this one. I figure posting it here will give some accountability. So, in no particular order, here goes:

1. Make a pillowcase dress for Caitlin
2. Make a pillowcase dress to donate
3. Make a tutu
4. Make hair bows
5. Make Greek-style yogurt in my yogurt maker
6. Find the perfect bread machine recipe for whole grain bread
7. Take a class in cake decorating
8. Replace blog header
9. Take a walk along the beach before Mass on Sunday
10. Phase out the dreamfeed
11. Line up a local babysitter
12. Take the Irishman to an Astro's game
13. Go to the zoo
14. Plan Christmas gifts
15-22. Fix up our patio:
     -Replace the swing
     - Replace the grill cover
     - Weed and replace the rocks in the beds
     - Add mulch
     - Trash the old bike
     -  Plant and keep alive plants in the railing flower boxes
     - Plant herbs in the square foot garden
     - Pressure wash the patio
23. Research baby sign language
24. Sort out online computer back up
25. Get Caitlin a passport
26. Eat at Pappasitos at least twice while in Houston
27. Redo the closet under the stairs like we did the one in the baby's room
28. Have regular date nights with my husband (See #11)
29. Take the Irishman to Space Center Houston after years of him bugging me about it
30. Relax and enjoy each and every moment!

I started working on 6,7,and 14 yesterday. Odd choices, yes, but oh well! What is on your summer bucket list?


Agate Lake Girl said...

Space Center Houston is kind of fun. I haven't been there in years of course. Do they still give the actual JSC tours? I never did it, but I used to see the tram going around when I worked their. No I think I took Jon on it once actually. I loved rocket park. Have fun!

P.S. My made her version if kolaches this morning. I hope you guys can have the real thing for me while you're there. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! That's a great list -- you'll have a busy summer! I saw you have researching baby sign on there, we did that with our son, starting when he was around 6 months, and it's amazing how well he was able to communicate before he had many spoken words. Baby Signing Time is a series of videos that I borrowed from the library, and has a great sign dictionary.

Lindsay said...

I would recommend the Signing Time videos as well. When I was a speech therapist (before kids...) I used those videos on my kids.. and taught Noah sign... Noah was speaking at 8 months, and full sentences by a year (with signs as well...) the girls on the other hand, I was lazier with and didn't teach them much sign, and they were LATE talkers... Good luck with your bucket list!! :)

Michelle said...

How do you make your own hair bows and what is a pillow case dress?

What a great bucket list! You are going to be busy!

We'll see if I can work on a Summer bucket list. Mostly I just want to spend as much time with Ava once I go back to work and work really hard on pumping.