Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let's Pretend I am...

A charging bull?

Ferdinand the Bull?

Lion door knocker?

Caitlin played with the ring in her mouth like this for a while the other day. It made me laugh....and grab the camera!


Sick? We went to the doctor yesterday. Dr. B said Caitlin is perfectly healthy! I am revisiting the theory that she has learned to get sick only on school nights...


Krystyn said...

Your little bull is precious. Glad she's no longer sick...but the sick game is no fun, either.

PS You might want to check your feed from me...you might need to re follow..it's acting funny and not updating..and I am!

Michelle said...

Great pictures, babies are so funny! :)

She is a smart girl and you are in a world of trouble if she's already figured out the getting sick on week nights routine.... Good luck with that one!