Wednesday, June 23, 2010

IrishMAN Flu


I was up all night with a sick....

The Irishman sent me a text yesterday saying that he felt lightheaded and cold. He asked if I could leave work early and pick up the baby from day care.

Disclaimer: The photos in the post have nothing to do with the text. The Irishman took them at the end of May and I just found them in the May folder. I know the photos are what the family comes to look at...I am only secondary! I decided against taking pictures of the flu. You can thank me later...

My co-workers and I joked that he just wanted to stay home Wednesday to watch the US World Cup Soccer game. He foolishly stayed at work until 5:00 and discovered when he got home that he had a fever of 102.8 degrees F. By the time I got home with the baby it was over 103.

He said he was proud of himself for having a fever so high. He changed his mind later! Morgan napped while I fed Caitlin and did the bath and bedtime routines.

(Again, random baby pictures for you)

After the baby went to bed I fixed dinner. (Confession: I reheated left over food from dinner at my grandparents' house on Sunday...not exactly cooking, but I did make garlic bread on zucchini bread from the bread machine. That counts for something, huh?)

Morgan dozed on the couch so I went to the store. I replaced our old yucky kitchen trash can and then stopped at the grocery store to get ginger ale and more "buy one get of free" Earth's Best baby food. We now have enough baby food to last us for the summer. My cabinet looks like we are preparing for the end of the world! Anyway...

It was just after 10pm when I got home from the store. I knew things were bad when I presented the Irishman with a new trashcan, a coconut candle, and Greek yogurt and got no reply. He asked for a trashcan for Father's Day. He hated the old one. Coconut candles and Greek style yogurt would always get a response. Something wasn't right.

At this point his fever was 103.8 and he had only taken one Tylenol at 5pm. He dragged himself back upstairs and I got him medicated and hydrated. Soon after his stomach started to bug him.

I am one of those people who does not handle vomit well. Yes, I know no one likes it, but I am in the group of people who will suffer in misery for hours to avoid throwing up. Even talking about it now is too much for me. While he was losing his dinner I set up a folding table next to the bed with his ipod, an ice pack, and a glass of ginger ale.

I tried to talk him into taking a shower. He said he was too weak so I put a chair in the shower. At about midnight he was showered, changed, and in bed with an ice pack on his head.

Then I got to clean up downstairs. I ran the dishwasher and washed a load of the baby's clothes. I changed the pillowcases and slept on the couch. Thankfully Caitlin slept through the night...we went cold turkey on skipping the dreamfeed and she has slept through the night without it for three nights now.

My alarm went off at 6am this morning and I found a rested Irishman. He was no longer running a fever. I am not sure if he has ever REALLY had the flu before...though he is always saying he feels "flu-y." (Not sure how one would spell that...flooie is the phonetic spelling, but nothing looks right!) He ranks this experience up there with the time he was hit by a car and the time he had his wisdom teeth out without being knocked out. Yep, it was THAT bad.

I am off to work and he is indeed watching soccer. I have a date with a bottle of Lysol before I go. I am all for sharing, but I do NOT want these germs!


~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your blog

Agate Lake Girl said...

Sorry he's sick. Stay healthy around there.

Michelle said...

That sounds miserable! I hope he is starting to feel better and that you and Caitlin do not catch it!!

By the way, great job on getting all of that done in one evening! You should be exhausted!! Hopefully the rest of your week hasn't been so busy.

And finally, yay for three nights without the dreamfeed and sleeping through the night!! That is a great feat in and of it's self!