Monday, June 7, 2010

One of THOSE Days...

Today is starting out as one of THOSE days. You know the kind.

It started last night. I was ordering a car seat online, not grading papers, baking cookies to bribe thank the day care teachers, pouring ingredients into the bread machine cringing as I set the timer and realized that I would be getting up in about 6 hours, labeling bottles for day care with yucky tape and so much information I am waiting for them to ask my blood type, folding laundry, packaging the Paperback Swap books I intended to mail the day before…a typical Sunday night.

As I sat down to write a quick e-mail to a friend I heard the baby monitor roar as Caitlin started to scream. So much for the e-mail…the one that started “I’ve been meaning to leave a comment on your blog all weekend but I haven’t had a chance…”

It was time for the dream feed so I ran upstairs and picked up the baby who had re-settled herself by the time I made it upstairs. She’s seemed congested again when we put her to bed so we’d turned on the humidifier already. As I nursed her it became clear she wasn’t feeling well. I used our thermometer (Note to self, insert link here to thermometer) and discovered that Little Miss Stuffy Nose had a fever of 99.2 – not much I know, but enough to worry me. It is her first ever fever and she felt warm.

The non-recalled, off-brand Tylenol was downstairs. I had a stuffy-nosed baby who woke herself up trying to eat and breathe at the same time with me as I woke up the Irishman to bring up the bottle of medicine. I changed her diaper, cleaned her nose, rubbed some baby vapor cream on her chest and rocked her to sleep.

Then I called my mommy. It was midnight here…eleven her time. I’d planned a text message, the Irishman said to just make a phone call. She comforted me and said to prepare for a long night…although thankfully she has slept soundly. (She even slept through the darn baby monitor alarm. Caitlin wiggles and moves off the motion senor and sets the alarm off…it happens almost daily. I hate that darn thing!)

I am typing this out in a word document because our internet is down. I figured it would be back by now, but it isn’t looking good…and I’ve already typed a novel. So, if you are keeping score…up late, sick baby, no internet.

Yep, it is one of THOSE days!

On the plus side it is the LAST WEEK of school.

On the downside…it is the last week of school. The sign out sheet we have to complete before we are granted our freedom is a major pain. The only things that make it worth doing are a) you have no choice in the matter and b) once you are done you are free to enjoy your summer. The sign out sheet is more like a crazy twelve item scavenger hunt. You must first complete such and such a task…mostly reports and such that no one will ever look at…then you must join 60 of your co-workers in tracking down the one person who must sign off that you have successfully completed said task. This usually results in long lines of annoyed teachers ready to start their summer. Fun times!

Any yes, I know I have summer to look forward to…sort of. I am teaching drama, songs and games for a day camp. I will still be in my classroom on Monday. Caitlin will still be in day care on Monday. I will get to spend an extra hour or two with her, but that is it. I don’t go to work until noon, but the day care won’t accept drop off after 9…10 at the latest without a doctor’s note.

The pay is good and I can’t afford not to work. It is only four weeks…and it is much less stressful than my regular job. It means I get a couple extra hours with Caitlin which is most important of all. I have had to smile and nod with all the, “I bet you can’t wait to have the summer home with that baby!” comments though knowing I have four weeks to go before my REAL summer starts.

So, now the internet is back up. I have written a very long, not very upbeat post. I have no pictures to post…last time that happened I had a text message by 9am asking for photos of the baby! ; ) I have to pack a lunch to take with me on our field trip today and as always I am running late. Some things never change!

So, expect Mommy and Me pictures tonight. We shockingly took NO pictures this weekend! It was a great weekend though! Just don’t ask about adventures in baby gate installation…

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Michelle said...

You poor thing, what a rough night and a sad start to your Monday! I'm glad that Caitlin was able to sleep
through the night, that should help with her fever and not feeling well. I'm sorry that she's not feeling well again, though. We'll say some extra prayers for health. It is very sad that daycare won't let you drop her off later, so that you can spend more time with her (you are paying them...). Maybe you can get her doctor to write a note saying it is better for her health if you bring her in later for the next four weeks so that she can spend more time with you. ;) Hopefully the time flies by and then you can spend lots of time with her! Praying that your day is getting better!