Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nursery Reveal

We have now entered the waiting game. I finished up work last week and have had a few days to rest up and work a little around the house. We head back to the doctor this afternoon so we should have a better idea of things then. At my last appointment they started to bring up the idea of a c-section because of concern over the baby's size. I am seeing my favorite doctor today for a second opinion, so we'll see how it goes!
Most importantly, we have just about finished the here it is!

We have re-purposed most of the furniture. The crib is the only thing we bought new. (And my mom just sent sheets she made for the crib that match the quilt...not yet pictured, but super cute!) The dresser was in my room as a kid...although it looked a bit different back then! The changing table I bought off Craig's list. (And both were painted to match) The glider belonged to Grandma Jo and was recovered by my mom. The Panda Bear on the chair was a gift from my in-laws. The bedspread was given to us as a wedding present from Plunket and matches everything else in the room...making the previously red, white, and blue daybed work. We really lucked out!

There are so many details I love about the nursery. Here are a few:
A: The quilt Grandma Betty made

B: (bottom) Sheep from Sandra and Dad on shelf made by Uncle Ken

B: (top) picture Morgan gave me when we were first dating

C: Light switch cover I painted

D: Cross from a friend at school

E: (top) Cork sign we bought in Ireland several trips back but never put up

E: (bottom) Pictures I made using fabric from GB's quilt and my Cricut with dollar store frames

F: Floor quilt made for us by Shannon's mom Connie

G: Back of GB's quilt with personalized label

H: top of dresser from left to right...picture of Blackrock Castle made by Morgan's sister Rose, Angel that sings "Too-ra, Loo-ra, Loo-ra" given to us by Sue, and the lamp from the Lynch family

I: "Ewe'll Never Walk Alone" picture - A play on words for Morgan's favorite team. The sheep are wearing Liverpool Scarves. "You'll Never Walk Alone" is inscribed on the inside of our wedding rings and was our first dance at the wedding. It was the one hold over from the "Liverpool room" that was allowed to stay! (The rest were banished to the guest bathroom.)

J: Close up of GB's Quilt

Now all we are missing is the baby! = )

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Michelle said...

It looks beautiful! How are you feeling?

Heather said...

So cute! Waiting to meet your baby is hard to do. But try to enjoy the peace and quiet while you can. ;)

The Coble's said...

I love it Jenny!!! I can't wait to see picdtures of your little one. Keep us posted.

Brittany Ann said...

It's adorable!

Leslie said...

I hope you DON'T have to have a c-section! But if you do, it will be worth it. On pins and needles checking your blog to see if Caitlin has arrived. Keep us posted.