Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Week Later

I am a bit bruised, but we are not "Quacking up" just yet!

When I got to the the hospital last week it took FOUR tries to get my IV started. As a result, I have MASSIVE bruises all over my hands and arms. It looks really bad and is quite painful. Thankfully I am not leaving the house much, so I shouldn't raise too many eyebrows!

The Irishman came pretty close to "quacking up" the other day while working on the final touches for the bathroom attached the to nursery. We ordered a trashcan and a soap dispenser that "quack" when you use them. The problem was they were sporadically "quacking." Not much sleep and an uncooperative couple of "quackers" is enough to make anyone crazy!

We went to the doctor on Tuesday. Miss Caitlin is doing very well and is back above her birth weight.

Today was also the first time we left Caitlin with Nana and Granda. (Mind you we only went 5 minutes away to pick up lunch, but still!) We tried a quick stop at Target on the way home, but it was too much for me...although more soreness and tiredness than "can't be away from her-ness."

I have lots of pictures, but not much time for uploading and editing, so it will be a little while! (And I was in the process of uploading, but have a cranky, hungry baby calling for me...)


Michelle said...

It sounds like your first week is going fairly well. I'm glad to hear that your little Caitlin is healthy and already above her birth weight! I hope that you are healing quickly and that your bruises go away soon! I can imagine that the ducks were driving y'all crazy; but from the outside it's a little funny. :)

MN Mom said...

Which Nana and Granda? Your side or his?

Kellie said...

I'm glad you are all well and haven't gone "quackers" yet:) She is beautiful! I can't wait for more pictures of all three of you!