Friday, October 30, 2009

Caitlin's First Halloween Costume

This morning I made Caitlin's first Halloween costume.

She was a pumpkin. = )

Today was also my last day at school until February. Now let's just hope the little pumpkin decides to give me a few days off to rest up and finish things around the house!

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Kellie said...

That is adorable.

Michelle said...

That is very adorable. :)

Agate Lake Girl said...

"Caitlin" looks very cute in her costume! :)

Rest up and enjoy your time off now and when the baby comes... so excited for you!

Jessi said...

Fun and cute! Don't stress if you don't get everything done. Just take this time to rest!

So excited for you!

Leslie said...

I can't imagine how anxious you are getting. It's SO close! Just enjoy every moment. Giving birth is the most incredible experience you will ever have. Take it all in!!!