Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I didn't intend to use this picture here, but I know my mom looks forward to a daily picture of our little sleeping beauty. It is a rainy day in South Florida and I am the only one up. I LOVE a quiet morning to myself and didn't think I could sneak one so soon. Caitlin and Daddy share a common love for a good morning nap though, so it works well for me!

Yesterday was our first big outing. With his parents in town from Ireland, Morgan wanted to find something we could all do we went to Buy Buy Baby (owned by the same company as Bed, Bath, and Beyond) to use some soon-to-expire coupons. I also got to test out the feeding room there. (While the Irishman and his parents had tea at a nearby restaurant...I got the raw end of the deal there!) We almost made it back in time...Caitlin woke up to let us know it was time for dinner about 5 minutes from home. All in all though it was a successful trip.

I am hoping for a lazy day today...and the weather is helping. We will have to rest up before our big Thanksgiving outing to visit some of my family and Caitlin's Great Grandparents! Now to decide what the little pumpkin will wear...
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MN Mom said...

Nothing is more peaceful than a watching a sleeping baby.

Happy Thanksgiving!