Friday, November 13, 2009

Heading Home

Caitlin is in the newborn nursery getting the final check. We should be heading home by about noon today.

The hospital recovery rooms are all semi-private...all but two "princess suites" that you reserve at a premium cost...and they say 90% of the time you will have a single room. Morg had been staying in the extra bed in my room, but last night they cleaned it out. It seems there were A LOT of babies born this week. As luck would have it, it was empty all night, but the Irishman was already sound asleep at home by then. Caitlin spent the night with the lovely nurses in the newborn nursery who brought her to me for feedings. I was slightly freaked out (read hormonal and crying) last night right after Morgan left, but all went well!

So now we are a couple of hours away from heading home. Crazy to image it.

And because I know a few of you who will want to see it, I've added a couple of pictures. (Although updating from the phone I am not sure where in the post the photos will be...) We have been just using the phones for now, but can share pics from the camera once we get home.


The Coble's said...

She is so very beautiful Jenny. I hope that you are feeling well. These pictures are motivation for me to get up and send you the gift I have had for you for the past 8 weeks. Enjoy your little bundle of joy – they don’t stay little long.

Brittany Ann said...

Oh my. She is just gorgeous. What an absolutely perfect little baby girl!


Michelle said...

I hope that you are feeling well. She looks amazingly beautiful and very healthy. :) Hopefully your first night at home went well! I'm glad you were able to get a night's sleep while the nurses watched her, but I'm sorry you felt so scared about it. I'm praying for the three of you, hope these first few days go off without a hitch!!

Agate Lake Girl said...

I could just eat that little cupcake up - she is precious! Congrats again!