Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nana and Granda

Caitlin is lucky enough to have her Nana and Granda in town from Ireland to see her! (Caitlin has three cousins in Ireland who gave this set of grandparents their names.) They came last Thursday and will be here until after Thanksgiving when Grandma Laura comes in to stay for a couple of weeks. Aunt Julie is scheduled to come in the beginning of December. Great Grandma Betty (also known as GGB) has stopped by to visit several times...she lives close enough to always find an excuse to see her newest great-grandbaby! Grandpa Eric is still working on arranging a visit in the new year. We have also set up the web cam to "talk" with family and friends who are far away. Miss Caitlin is one popular well- loved young lady!
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sheri said...

I love that Granda is holding Caitlin in all of the photos. Reminds me of my dad - he ALWAYS hogs Daniel! :o)