Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Odds and Ends

* This morning the button on my shirt popped off as I was getting ready to leave for work. I've been really good about ironing a week's worth of clothes over the weekend...but that meant that due to casual Friday I had no back up ready. I found a twin set I haven't worn before and got it ironed. The only problem? It was 92 degrees today. A bit much for pants and a sweater!

* I have gotten so many not-so-nice e-mails from parents this week. I've thought about asking the OB for a letter excusing me from dealing with third grade parents for the next month.

* Tomorrow is "Family Fun Night" for third grade. I have my body guards ready. The Irishman and one of the teachers on my team have already said that they plan to ward off any maternity leave questions. The teacher in the room next to me had to leave the school suddenly as well, so we all plan to avoid questions like the plague.

* The Irishman has had a burst of DIY energy. I guess you could say the nesting thing is rubbing off on him! We got the new "ducky" shower curtain up in the bathroom attached to the baby's room. (Thank you to Leslie and Aunt Emily!) Now the Irishman thinks the bathroom could use a coat of blue paint. We'll see if this lasts into the weekend! Last weekend he tackled the garden...

* I am still going to water aerobics. My swimsuit just barely fits. I noticed Monday though that while I am still able for the exercises (and the doctor said I can keep doing it) it is getting harder to move....even in the pool. One of the ladies in the class just became a grandmother and is going to bring us some clothes her grand daughter has already outgrown. I kind of stand out in the class...more now than ever!

* Tonight though...I am going to crash! The little girl I was supposed to tutor this afternoon was sick so I got home early. I was too tired to even check my e-mail when I got home from work today. Thankfully we had left overs, ice cream, and good TV to watch.



Agate Lake Girl said...

Sounds like the cute duck bathroom is coming along. We need to get together so you can finish it (hint, hint). :)

MN Mom said...

I agree with Shannon...we need to meet--it will help with the finishing touches.

The Smith Family said...

if parents are giving you problems just grab your belly and make a painful face :)

Kellie said...

I think it is so weird that parents are giving you a hard time with the maternity leave! They had kids obviously, do they not remember what it was like right after giving birth? Let them know it's none of their business.