Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finally Fall!

This morning I'd hoped to sleep in a little...7:30 or 8am...making the most of the weekends before the baby comes. That is until a certain someone decided to dig her head into my ribs. I would say she is still directionally challenged...and sleep was no longer an option. Ouch!

Thankfully we finally got our first cool front last night. I decided if I wasn't meant to sleep, the least I could do is enjoy the cooler weather! The cats are thrilled...I have all the windows open. My "fall" scented candles are lit. It is lovely!

(The Irishman is still in bed. He seems to have forgotten that he comes from a place with COLD weather. I have no doubt he will complain that it is too chilly...people this is a south FLORIDA cool front...the high today will likely still hit 80 I left the windows in our bedroom closed for now!)

We have lots of odds and ends on the to do list for this weekend...but somehow it seems much nicer to work on those things when it is NOT 90 degrees outside! Yesterday we spent a fair bit of time watching college football. The Irishman discovered that our TV has picture-in-picture while flipping back and forth between the Arkansas game and the Notre Dame game...both were oh, so close!

It was a rough end of the week. Our AC was leaking from the ceiling of the newly redecorated Duck Bathroom. One very large bill from the AC repairman later, the poor Irishman is going to have to repair the ceiling...yet again. The same day this happened, I learned that the nice new doctor we met on no longer with the practice. Add to that multiple hassles with my maternity was a week! On Friday I officially started counting down the days left at work.

But is is the weekend now. The weather is cooler. The house is coming together. It is all falling into place! I hope to have pictures to share soon!

So...I am off to work on the wall hangings for the duck bathroom before Mass. Happy fall! = )


Mauree said...

Will you email me your address? I have a package for your little one that I have been meaning to put in the mail. I had so much fun shopping for little girl stuff. Sheesh there is lots and lots to choose from (you can't say the same for little boys).
Mauree :)

MN Mom said...

You sound happy even if things aren't "falling" into place with ease. Count down...

can't wait for photo's

Michelle said...

I'm sorry your week was so rough! I am glad that you finally have "fall weather" and are able to burn your fall scented candles. :) Hope you were able to get everything done that you hoped to.