Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I met with my boss today to go over the details of my maternity leave. I sit down in her office and we start to talk.

"You are leaving in the middle of November, right?"

I think I almost fell out of the chair. I was not able to stop myself from saying, "Have you SEEN me lately?"

I told her that, no, the baby is due Nov. 7 and I am hoping to work up until Oct. 30.

"Wow...that's not that far away. I thought it was just a big baby. I was thinking we had until Thanksgiving."

Ummm...no. Pumpkins, not turkeys!

In other news, I started cleaning off my desk and tidying the area around my desk today. It is the one area of my classroom that I never quite get to...ever. It is kind of sad that I will clean it for someone else but not for myself. At least I have a couple of weeks now to enjoy it!


MN Mom said...

Time is flying!

Elaine A. said...

Glad you set her straight! HA!