Monday, October 5, 2009

Red Dog

Saturday night I woke up for the third, fourth, fifth time to hear a cat crying. It was 4:30am and the poor animal was carrying on and on. I called out to him and of course got no I decided to get up for yet another potty break to go to the bathroom. This is what I found at the door of the bathroom:

It is Red Dog. Red Dog has been Rafa's favorite toy since he was tiny. (And he was a pretty scrawny kitten!)

When he was this size he used to try to tear apart Red Dog. The poor dog has had his throat slit and almost lost a paw. There have been multiple surgeries. He lost an ear somewhere along the way that we never found.

But that was Rafa in his younger days. Now he just carries Red Dog around the house. He cries and carries on as he does it. We find Red Dog in the oddest places...and at the oddest times!

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Kellie said...

How funny! Emma recently became attached to a stuffed giraffe. None of my kids have ever slept with stuffed animals, always preferring to sleep with books, but Emma won't even take a nap without her "Grr" now.