Thursday, March 5, 2009

St. Partick-itis

It started simple enough.

When the Irishman moved to this side of the pond I made a huge fuss for St. Patrick's Day so he wouldn't feel homesick. My in-laws contributed by sending "authentic" decorations from Ireland. We made corned beef and cabbage. (which they really do not eat in Ireland like everyone thinks they do...)


We joined other Irish friends from camp and attended the local St. Patrick's Day Parade with a crazy Irish-obsessed American friends of ours. We now have a "usual spot" along the parade route ironically enough in front of an English pub. Go figure.

My obsession has celebrations have grown a little each year. I LOVE St. Patrick's Day and cheesy St. Patrick's Day decorations! It has gotten to be a little more than your usual holiday. My third graders learned that -itis means inflammation. I think St. Patrick-itis is a good description for my ailment!

With that being said, here is a preview of what is new this year:
We bought $1 hats for our co-workers from Target. Of course I couldn't pass up the PJs...they have my birthday on them. (Which is a little odd, but still cool!)
The Irishman and I are a bit particular when it comes to shamrocks. We don't want anything to do with the four-leaf clover thing. St. Patrick converted the island using shamrocks. Rafa was kind enough to pose with my newest decorations. (They passed the shamrock test!)

(Not pictured: a wreath for the front door and a welcome sign with shamrocks for outside)

I also found a sign at Homegoods that said "Genuine Irishman for Hire." I was being good though and put it down. Three times. Although I have 12 days left (according to the countdown sign in my classroom) and make no promises that the sign will not end up at my house by the 17th.

Are you feeling the green?


MN Mom said...

I wasn't feeling the green...put now it looks like so much fun I think I'm going for cheesy decore! I am also going to look up parades. Thanks.

Shannon said...

I love St. Paddy's Day. Though I always joke that I don't have to wear green since I wear the name Shannon every day. :)

Ricardo Cabeza said... is running a special where you get a free Drunk Leprechaun St. Patrick's Day T-shirt when you buy another Irish t-shirt!

Heather said...

We live near Dublin, GA, which has a pretty good St. Pat's celebration. We won't be attending this year, so I'll just live vicariously through your decorations. I love the shamrock garland!

Anonymous said...

Love all the St. Paddy's fun!

Basham said...

So cute and fun! My mom said she is going all out in her classroom this year!