Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm losing it!

Today was one of those days.

I started the day looking for a container to pack our sandwiches in. I found the lids. I found no bottoms. I was going nuts. My sister-in-law came down the stairs to talk to me. I heard nothing. I was unsuccessfully trying to pack lunches.

Then I got to school and I went to get the overheads of a practice state assessment my kids took last week. Forty sheets for math and forty sheet for reading. I had all 80 sheets in a folder on top of the bookcase. Until today. They are still no where to be found.

I spent both planning periods looking for them.

The Irishman would ask if I'd prayed to St. Anthony. I grew up Catholic but was not introduced to St. Anthony until I moved to Florida. St. Anthony of Padua is the Catholic patron saint of lost items. Can't find your wallet? Ask St. Anthony to pray for you. Your passport has gone astray? Did you ask St. Anthony for help?

My in laws take it to another level.

They bribe make a cash donation in St. Anthony's name. Your glasses showed up after you asked for his help? That is an extra 5 euro in the collection basket. You can't find the folder you needed for work? You will give $10 to the collection basket when St. Anthony helps you.

I stopped short of offering money today. Maybe that is where I went wrong...


MN Mom said...

Everything I looked for today was no where to be found...wish I had known I could pop a fiver and find it!

cndymkr / jean said...

When my mother lost her good jewelery (she hide it so well she couldn't find it), she made St. Anthony a deal - let her find the jewelery and she would make a sizable donation in his name. It worked.

My father came home from church that day (after paying) and told her the next time it would be cheaper to buy new. She didn't care.

Basham said...

I felt just like this today! I hope the week has gotten better!

MN Mom said...

PS I took Angel to the Vet today-guess what-she's from Ireland! Incase you want to take the kitties to someone from the homeland...she was really really sweet too!