Friday, December 12, 2008

A Year Ago

Tonight was Christmas Party night. The Irishman's boss got the date on the calendar first, so we did that one. I will post pictures from that soon. (I have more ideas for posts right now than I do days before we leave for Ireland!)

I love all the build up to Christmas, but I was a bit upset driving home this evening though. Because the Irishman and I carpool, I do not usually have a lot of time in the car to myself. He road to the party with his radio show partner in crime a co-worker while I attempted to make sense of a research project I am taking part in worked.

I realized on the way to his Christmas party that I missed my school party last year as well. That was the day after Grandma Jo went into the hospital and we went to visit her instead of going to the party. That was the start of it all. She was in the hospital and then the awful nursing home for all but three days between then and the end of January when she passed away. Looking back it wasn't that long a time, but it felt like an eternity.

We all miss her so much. I catch it in the little things. I logged onto this week to order Christmas presents for the Irishman and had to change my shipping address. I'd always sent my gifts for him to her house so he wouldn't find out. Morgan and I both catch ourselves thinking of her or something that should would have liked.

My mom has asked for me to have this picture framed for her this year. It was from 2005. The Irishman and I had Grandma Shutterbug take some pictures of us at the beach. I am so grateful that we also took this shot.

I know my mom and my uncles miss Grandma Jo more than we could ever have imagined. I know we certainly didn't expect to celebrate Christmas this year without her.


MN Mom said...

I know how you feel. I miss my mom and dad like that. Every day I want to call them to share something. I tell them anyway, I know they are close by.

Shannon said...

I always think about my Grandma when I go to make one of her recipes - especially her Christmas egg bake. I think of my Grandpa whenever I see an old movie that I know he would have loved to have gotten on DVD.