Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spoiled Rotten!

I had to save this post until the weekend when I would have enough time to do it justice. I have been bursting at the seams ready to share!

Wednesday night the Irishman and I got home at almost 7:00pm. Now, we look for packages obsessively every time we drive past the mailbox. We look to see if the key is missing in the package compartment. We get a bit depressed bummed when it is not for us. Thankfully not many of our neighbors get packages. So on Wednesday as I unloaded the car, the Irishman went over to check the mail.

He was puzzled by a medium sized box addressed to me. As we walked into the house in the dark he tried to make out the postage. It was from Texas, but it was not from my mom.

It was from the Secret Ornament Exchange hosted by Julie at Abbilyeverafter!

I was spoiled rotten by Lisa AKA the Bombastic Bandicoot.

She sent a beautiful angel ornament with a couple of extra candy canes for the tree as well. I cannot wait to add them to our tree. I am also thrilled that all three of these seem to be cat-proof! Rafa has been known to take out more than his share of ornaments!
Now for the swap you were to send one ornament to your swap partner, but Lisa sent an amazing package of goodies! I love the holiday candy.

The "Finders Key Purse" is a little clip for your keys that hooks over the side of your purse...

...and just when I thought it couldn't get better, a Borders gift card and a Texas cookbook! I found a recipe in there for sopapillas that I cannot wait to try! Yum! I LOVE sopapillas!

Thank you Lisa! Your generosity is greatly appreciated! It made my week!

Be sure to visit Abbilyeverafter to everyone else's goodies!


Lisa said...

So glad you received the package and enjoyed it!

Merry Christmas and God Bless you richly! :O)


Julie said...

Wow - Lisa did spoil you! But that's the fun of the swap!! : )

Shannon said...

That's a picture of Twilight on your Border's gift card. Could be an omen?!

Megryansmom said...

I love angels too. Very beautiful package. Have a Merry Christmas

Trish said...

what a beautiful ornament and parcel of goodies.

It was fun being in the swap.