Monday, December 22, 2008

Greetings from Ireland

Good night...or afternoon...or whatever it is!

We had a WONDERFUL weekend in NYC. The Irishman could not find his way out of a paper bag has a rather poor sense of direction, but he knows New York like the back of his hand. We have lots of wonderful pictures, but I have to wait until June brings us her laptop to upload them.

I did have a couple of inquiries regarding the hats. It was SO bitterly cold that we wore double hats all around the city. We were stopped regularly by random strangers making comments or asking us where we bought them. As for Santa himself...we cheated and took two pictures. The first one was without hats and the second with the hats. We haven't seen the pictures on the big screen yet to decide which we like better. I'll keep you updated!

The Irishman DID get to see snow. I have a few posts planned about that part of our trip. Morgan's catch phrase for the week was, "You can put THAT in your blog." I think he is getting into this whole thing. The Irishman Rafa did add the link to our Christmas letter. If you are discovering this from there...welcome!

We got to Shannon airport this morning while it was still dark. (Which is actually disappointing because I love looking at the fields as you fly looks like a green patchwork quilt!) After discovering that the bag the Irishman was trying to cram into the trunk of his parents' car was not actually ours but another green bag, we got things sorted and were on the road to Cork. I slept most of the 2 hour drive.

We have already seen all 5 siblings, 2 nieces, and his brother-in-law. The Irishman is in the front room watching a soccer game. He is happy as a clam.

I have already taken a 3 hour nap...and could sleep a lot more. Thankfully I accidentally left the pile of papers I was going to bring with me to work on over the holiday. I guess that means I have nothing to do but relax. Oh, darn!


♥Brandy said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. I would love to visit NY!

Sandra said...

Happy Holidays from Butte, America! Your dad's firewall at work blocks access to your blog, but he wanted to say thanks for letting him know you got in safely. Sorry we missed you yesterday - we were at my office hanging a picture and curtains. Say hi to Morgan's family from us, and have a wonderful time! - Sandra

The Coble's said...

I just loved your Christmas Card - very cute. You guys have a wonderful Christmas. Laura

Shannon said...

Nothing to say. I just have to comment on all blog posts that have the name "Shannon" in them. :)