Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Morgan on 34th Street

I guess I could also have called this " Morgan Meets Santa," but I guess he is a little old for that.

One of our first stops in NYC was Macy's. A few years ago we went with the Irishman's sister Christina to see Santa at Macy's. We were SO impressed. They have all sorts of decorations in line - it almost Disney like. When you finally get to Santa's Village, there are a number of little cottages and you get ushered into one where you meet the man in red himself. It is really well done! Best of all, they take an overpriced picture for you to buy, but the elves will also take one with your camera if you ask.

On the way up, the Irishman stopped to write his Santa letter. I offered to take a picture for a few ladies in front of the display. They asked if I needed my picture taken, but I had to say no because I was with the grown man in a fuzzy red hat writing a letter to Santa.

Now, there are not many sleeps left before Christmas so it was quite crowded. The struggling actors elves guided us through the line that snaked through the inner workings of the Macy's HR department. We waited for about an hour. In that time we learned that Santa sees about 1,000 people an hour at Macy's on 34th Street. He is there for 10-12 hours a day. That is a lot of people!

I asked Santa for a car that did not break down in front of Macy's when I drove it. The Irishman asked for Liverpool to win the league. He asks the same thing every year, but last time we went to see Santa at Macy's Liverpool DID win the league, so he is hopeful! He prefers the American Santa to the Irish Santa...the Irish ones are more likely to argue with Liverpool winning the league! The Irishman refuses to believe that Santa is a United fan.

On the way out, the Irishman threw a snowball for MN Mom. (In front of Macy's, not at Macy's!)

I hope you enjoy!


Shannon said...

MN mom will be happy! :)

MN Mom said...

I am so glad he was able to toss a snowball! I am thinking of you both having so much fun. Can't wait to see photos. Maybe you can come over for wine and snacks, after you have your pic's back and have a show and tell!
Merry Christmas!

MN Mom said...

Love all the photos! Especially the snowball for me! Have fun!
(The gift he lost is most likely at home.)

MN Mom said...

PS, or the airline searchers stole it? It happens.