Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Prayer Request

I got a call yesterday at school from my mom. She'd just found out that her cousin Kathy was killed over the weekend. She thought it was a car crash, but it turns out she was hit by a car while walking along the street with neighbors. It happened on Mother's Day.

The man who hit her has a history of problems with DUI and was about to have his licence revoked. Sometimes life just isn't fair! Kathy was so kind. She was a retired teacher who rescheduled her tutoring when my Grandma Jo took a turn for the worse so that she could take her mother (my Aunt Fran) to see Grandma Jo not once but twice. She and her daughter gave Morgan and me a wedding cake Christmas tree ornament that we treasure and talk about each year as we decorate.

Please keep the family in your prayers.

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Shannon said...

Oh my god, that's horrible. I'm so sorry for your/her loss.