Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day Pictures

The last post was a bit sad so I thought I would add something a little more upbeat. I am home sick today anyway so I have time!

I treated Mom to Pappasitos when I was home. Yum! It was a good as I remembered! We did miss Morgan though to eat the pepper for us!

I managed to save room for the Sopapillas.
They are my favorites!

On Mother's Day Jason and I cleaned up the patio a little bit. Mom's tomato plants were looking great, so I bought some herbs to replant in the empty smaller pots. Here is a picture of Bailey, the three-legged cat, enjoying our work.

I had a great time visiting with Mom and her little dogs, too!

(Momma, Tyson, Rose, and Tator Tot)


Shannon said...

I miss Houston! I miss Pappasito's...and Cafe Adobe... and The Pasta Company... and...

King family said...

Those yorkies sure are cute. I have a yorkie and she is the apple of my eye. he he he. Come see my little gal at