Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Break

Morgan has just scared the cats - they have both run upstairs to me. Liverpool just beat Arsenal in the Champions League quarterfinal. Morgan let out a series of yells that have sent both cats into hiding. He took a half day off work to watch the game and they won 4-2. Let's just say it will be a great evening!

Morgan is a HUGE Liverpool fan. He wore a jersey under his tux when we got married. He proposed by saying, "With me you will never walk alone." It was very sweet - but "You'll Never Walk Alone" is also the slogan for Liverpool Football Club. I knew what I was getting into, so I didn't mind. = )

It has been an uneventful few days. We drove down to Sawgrass Mills on Saturday looking for shoes and work clothes. We came back and took a short nap on the patio swing before mosquitoes and ideas for our summer vacation led us back in the house. We are thinking about a cruise again this summer - we'll see.

Sunday we decided to take advantage of the fact that we live exactly 3 miles from the beach. The day started wet and there were horrible storms once we got home, but we had a nice hour or so to enjoy the beach.

Sunday we also discovered that Kohl's was indeed open. I'd planned to go back Monday afternoon (Sunday was a bit too crowded) but I decided to take advantage of the day off and take a nap instead. It turned out to be a wise choice - I got 3 coupons in the mail/e-mail for a total of $25 off. I am looking forward to spending that tomorrow!

I have graded all the papers I brought home with me and took a large laundry basket of clutter to Goodwill. I created a PowerPoint to use at a Girl Scout event this weekend. It is a self-esteem workshop based on the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.

I have spent the last couple of days looking at how much the media doctors up beauty advertisements. It makes you think!

Today is again a bit overcast so I think Morgan and I may head to a movie tonight. I am going to hit the Early Bird sale at Kohls Grand Opening in the morning. Grandma Betty is coming over after that to help me get the garden in order. Thursday brings a dentist and hair appointment. Other than that, I found a few good used bookstores so I am good to go with lots of books to read!

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Mememememeeeee said...

Those films are very interesting. I had never seen them. Dove has some smart cookies for advertisers!