Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brownie Points

Tonight Morgan proved yet again how great he truly is to me. The OGF Girl Scout group I work with had initially scheduled a Mystery Night for tonight. The advisers all figured that the event was canceled, but we found out on Wednesday that they had about 60 girls signed up. So it was a lot of last minute organizing - thankfully the person that usually runs this event is actually an event planner. There would be no one better to get things going!

However being an event planner, Kim had to work tonight so the rest of us stepped in...including Morgan. We were short actors so he reluctantly agreed. It was an event for middle school and high school girls. There were 65 females in the room and two males...and he came in costume. I owe him big! (Although Shannon was our big superstar - she is pregnant, has a cold, and gave up Bon Jovi tickets to be there! What a dedication!)

You have to love the shirt! He played the role of "Mitch Awave."

After a rocky start the event went well. Three girls guessed the correct murdered, motive, and so on. Morgan succeeded in making everyone THINK that he was guilty. He can be such a ham! He played the surfer dude with an attractive Irish accent.

Morgan & Dave

We are now off to bed. Hopefully our 4 legged children will behave tonight. Moses likes to meow as he plays with his toys. He is fine, but he carries on like he is dying. He found his favorite toy at 5am this morning. Then at 6am the light in our bedroom suddenly turned on. I look up to see Rafa hanging from the string that controls the light on the ceiling fan. He was kind enough to then repeat the action to turn the light off. By that point it was a game and I quickly made sure it was out of his reach. I am not sure what got into those two last night!

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Rachel said...

Morgan is such a good sport! I'm glad that the event went well.

I'll have to check out that book swap. I've got quite a few books that could be swapped out!