Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Date" Night

Morgan and I did the whole dinner and a movie thing tonight...although not like you would expect! He teaches a Geo-Politics course at the university where he works. Tonight he offered his class an extra credit opportunity - come to watch Cry of Freedom in the lecture hall for extra credit.

So I met Morgan for dinner in the cafeteria. (I had mahi mahi and he had the pork loin - both very good!) We then headed to the Green Center where we met 15 students from his class. It was actually a nice evening!

I left the movie a little early to join a conference call with the Girl Scouts to prepare for this weekend's event. I also got a call from my friend Lyndsay. She had her twins last week. Last night we made Stuffed Zucchini. It was quite good - but we had SO much left over we brought some to Lyndsay & Dave. The twins are still in the hospital, but we got to look at the pictures. What cuties!

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Shannon said...

Enjoy the rest of your break - I'm missing mine already!