Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rockin’ after Mass

There are a number of things that Caitlin loves about going to visit “Holy God” each Sunday. Our little girl loves to wear a pretty dress and ‘Grammy sandals.’ On the way into the church we take our bag of church books and she tells us all that we have to be very quiet.

When it comes time for collection Caitlin is the one to put the money in the basket. There are two collections so we have to have something for each. It is only a matter for time before Sean is demanding to add his contribution – of Mommy and Daddy’s money of course!

Lately we’ve added a trip to the potty to her favorite things. Oh, the joys of traveling with a newly potty trained almost-three-year-old!

After we pray to Mary and add all the change in my purse to the poor box we head outside.


Caitlin loves the rocking chairs. Sean loves anything that Caitlin loves.


(Yeah, it would be better if he didn’t have a big scar on his head, but oh well!)


Sean stuck his tongue out the whole time this week. I thought it would be funny to catch them both doing it, so of course he wasn’t interested in doing that anymore.


I love these kiddos.


We are blessed!

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Michelle said...

Beautiful kiddos! I love that Caitlin loves going to Mass. :)