Monday, October 22, 2012

Behind the Scenes

There is an event of national importance happening in our area today. Yesterday Caitlin came with me to work in my classroom. I was in Orlando for a conference for a large chunk of last week and I wanted to get some things in order before Monday.

On our way home the Irishman talked me into stopping by for a behind the scenes tour. He has been working a LOT this week in preparation. He left for work this morning at 4am and we may not see him again until Tuesday.

Secretly though? He’s LOVING it!

Even though I was dressed in sweat pants and an old Arkansas Alumni shirt we stopped by for a  last minute tour. It was pretty neat. (We did not see the debate hall – though I have done that before. Today we got to see where all the media is housed.) The best pics are on the Irishman’s phone, but the computer is being difficult so I could only download a couple of them.

photo 55

Most of it was lost on Caitlin. She was happy to have a flag to play with. She got to see her Daddy.

photo 54

The real reason she wanted to visit?


The ducks.


(The building above is actually where the Irishman and I met while working at summer camp many moons ago. I had a lot to do today, but there is something nice about sitting in that spot with my little girl watching the birds!)


On the way back to the car we walked through some of the activities on campus.


Though if you ask Caitlin, it was all about the ducks!

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