Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Costumes–The Outtakes

I am scheduling this to post in the morning. As of 10pm on Tuesday night I have no idea what my kids will be for Halloween this year. We thought we had it all figured out and then a cold front came through and changed our plans.

Thankfully I bought many costumes on clearance last year. We have a ballerina, a dog, Thomas, a blue plane, Mickey Mouse, an elephant, a dinosaur, a sailor, and more. I know Caitlin might change her mind at the last minute so we are yet to commit.

I found some nice hand-me-down costumes in the kids closet this weekend.

photo 101

The pirate costume was bigger than expected on Sean.

photo 105

At first Caitlin had no interest. She was playing with her “friends” and her pumpkin.

photo 110

The monkey caught her eye though!

photo 114

photo 115

photo 118

Then she had to try on the pirate costume.

photo 119

She was giggling at herself in the mirror.

photo 120

She has gotten the dress up bug!


Happy Halloween!