Monday, September 6, 2010

Tree Huggers

It may have been a long weekend, but I am somehow further behind than I started. We are in the middle of a dishwasher situation...not enough time to go into the details, but there have already been multiple customer service e-mails sent and there are many more in our future. After spending hours trying to resolve the situation, it looks like we will be hand washing for a while.

Add to that a pile of papers to grade, computer issues, a pile of laundry to put away, and a teething baby. Let's just say I'm not a happy Momma right now...

Focusing on the positive though, we did take a lot of wonderful pictures this weekend. Now I just have to find the time to post them!

There was some unintentional matchy-matching going on for Mass on Sunday.

Then there was some unintentional tree-hugging. (We needed something for Caitlin to hold onto to stand!)

And of course some intentional smiles as well!


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Agate Lake Girl said...

Adorable! Sorry it was a stressful weekend.

Elaine A. said...

I just adore that first photo of you girls together! So lovely.

And I hear you on the teething. It's going on here too and makes "someone" a tad grumpy... ;)

Krystyn said...

So cute...and sorry you had so many issues this weekend. Not fun.

Anonymous said...

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