Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Strolling, Still No Sushi

(If you missed the sushi reference, you can read about it here.)

The Irishman had our things gathered by the time Caitlin and I got home on Friday. We do not travel light. We had the stroller, baby carrier, diaper bag, picnic blanket, and her dinner with us. We walked around until we found a free bench perfect spot for dinner.

Caitlin enjoyed her meal with a view and then decided to test our nerves with this move. She has not taken any steps yet, but she has gotten this standing thing down pat. She's getting brave!

The person we randomly stopped for the family photo shoot was quite nice. It was dusk so we had to play with the camera settings...his idea not ours. This is attempt #6.

We walked until the baby and the sun in the sky were both ready to call it a night.

We took a picture from this same spot about 14 months ago.

Things certainly have changed since then,

and I am loving every moment of it all!

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